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If you are not an expert, suggest you learn something together. Are you curious about her past, her romantic fantasies, her life goals, her attitude toward sex?So if you ever wanted to know better your loved one but didn't know what to ask - here are some examples of such fun questions for couples who are ready to learn more about each other:pushes you far ahead of the pack. You can ask these questions when you're together, on the phone/Skype or texting - after all, to re(ignite) the passion with your lady it only takes a few super-simple text messages (download here a FREE guide) to talk about how to add spark the passion in your relationship.1000 Questions for Couples e Book is packed with “must ask” questions for dating couples and hundreds of questions for married partners.Information on Online Dating is provided for informational purposes only.No content published on or otherwise available from Online Dating constitutes professional relationship advice.

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