Accommodating power

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When exercising their judgement, healthcare professionals are expected to take this guidance fully into account.

However, the guidance does not override the individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the individual patient, in consultation with the patient and/or guardian or carer.

An accommodating intraocular lens is provided in which a deflectable lens element is anchored to a substrate along its optical axis to define a fluid filled space. Because the imaging distance is fixed, presbyopia typically entails the need for bi-focals to facilitate near and far vision. 4,816,031 to Pfoff discloses an IOL with a hard PMMA lens separated by a single chamber from a flexible thin lens layer that uses microfluid pumps to vary a volume of fluid between the PMMA lens portion and the thin layer portion and provide accommodation. In view of the foregoing, it would be desirable to provide apparatus and methods that restore appropriate optical focusing power action to the human eye.

Fluid-filled haptics disposed in fluid communication with the space vary the fluid volume in the space responsive to forces applied by the... Apart from age-related loss of accommodation ability, such loss is innate to the placement of IOLs for the treatment of cataracts. It further would be desirable to provide methods and apparatus wherein a dynamic lens surface may be effectively manipulated by the ciliary muscular mechanisms within the eye.

The consulting specifying engineer’s first task, then, is to grasp the local utility’s requirements for situational awareness.

A consulting specifying engineer with a large commercial/industrial client that is planning to inject power into the grid must address aspects of that client’s substation design to accommodate the bi-directional flow of power.

wherein the intraocular lens has an accommodated state in which the flexible anterior element assumes a convex shape and an unaccommodated state in which the periphery of the flexible anterior element is displaced relative to the flexible anterior element along the optical axis to render the flexible anterior element less convex. There is significant need to provide for accommodation in IOL products so that IOL recipients will have accommodating ability. It is yet further desirable to provide methods and apparatus that reduce the possibility of reflections within the IOL arising due to movement of mechanical actuators situated along or near the optical axis of the IOL.

wherein the haptic portion comprises a first haptic with a first haptic fluid chamber and a second haptic with a second haptic fluid chamber, the first and second fluid chambers in fluid communication with the optic fluid chamber. Although previously known workers in the field of accommodating IOLs have made some progress, the relative complexity of the methods and apparatus developed to date have prevented widespread commercialization of such devices. In view of the foregoing, it is an object of the present invention to provide apparatus and methods that restore appropriate optical focusing power action to the human eye.

Summary Society for Policy Studies (SPS), in association with India International Centre (IIC), organized a Round Table on “Accommodating Rising Powers: Past, Present and Future by Prof. V Paul, James Mc Gill, Professor of International Relations, Department of Political Science, Mc Gill University, Canada. Shyam Saran, Senior Fellow, Centre for Policy Research & former Foreign Secretary, Government of India Chaired the proceedings. Saran dwelt on the importance of the book at this juncture when there is global anxiety about emerging powers (such as China) and the outcome of the Trump transition that may adversely impact the bi-lateral relations , between the US and China ; US and Russia and other global players. Paul opined that the historical legacy of war reflected more examples of the failure to accommodate rising powers than the converse.

Shyam Saran, at Private Dining Hall, IIC, New Delhi.

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