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The farthest seat from the stage is only 137 feet away and this center also features 7 private, luxury suites and the Vision Bar.

The medieval centre of Clamecy has been classed by the French government as a "Secteur Sauvegardé" (protected sector) in entirety; the only such protected area in the whole of the department of the Nievre.

Steel Stacks has the Arts Quest Art center featuring dinner service and performing arts, the Levitt Pavilion featuring fifty free family concerts each year, the Bethlehem Visitor's Center featuring interactive historical displays, PBS 38 TV station, and Air Products Town Square featuring outdoor dining, sculptur…

The crusading Count William IV of Nevers promised the bishop of Bethlehem that if Bethlehem should ever fall, he would welcome him in Clamecy.

After the capture of Jerusalem by Saladin in 1188, the bequest of the now deceased count was honoured and the Bishop of Bethlehem duly took up residence in the hospital of Panthenor, Clamecy, which remained the continuous (if somewhat idiosyncratic) seat of the Bishopric of Bethlehem until the French Revolution...

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