Breaking the ice internet dating

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Whatever you do, DO NOT just say "Hi" in the subject line and nothing else.

Whats the best way to break the ice on a first email? And also, don't invite someone to dinner in the first email. Just say something like, "I really liked your profile. Take a look at my profile and let me know if you'd like to talk.

It’s the first date, so our advice is this: ask a few pick up-lines to break the tension, before either of you have a chance to let the conversation drift into an awkward silence.

The best question to start with could well be ‘what’s your most embarrassing moment?

Other great questions are: • If you were a superhero, what power would you have? • What’s the one song that always gets you on the dance floor – even if it’s your secret guilty pleasure?

If your still struggling then take a look at some more top first date conversation starters. Then don’t choose the type of date where you’ll be forced to sit face to face at a dinner table for two hours.

The best opening message I have ever got was a guy who said: You like hiking me too, until last summer a group of us guys came upon a rattle snake on the trail and all the guys in front of me started screaming like little girls, but I am willing to try again. doesn't matter WHAT the e-mail says if the profile is filled with anger, meanness ... For me, if a guy can't even write out anything intelligible, that's the no-go to begin with.

I like your profile your very interesting, please check out mine and let me know if you want to chat. Remember that us girls get lots of messages so you want to say something that will make you stand out. I don't need a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors right off the bat, nor do I need "text speak" with the shortened 'u r cute want 2 talk' crap.

Yea, I for sure would say no asking to dinner first email and NOOOO Hey sexy or How was your weekend? I used to send "a line" or a joke or something, but that got me nowhere (zero responses). and how you are too good to do this, that or the other ... Even the "Hey sexy/gorgeous/beautiful, what are you up to? " simple one-liners aren't going to cut it, they're so cliche and make you sound like you can't think of anything else better to say. Always say something that acknowledges you've read their profile and that you have something in common. Always say something that acknowledges you've read their profile and that you have something in common.

Does the thought of a first date have you breaking into a cold sweat?

Are you having palpitations at the mere thought of making conversation with someone new?

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