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the following year, playing "the waitress," a recurring character who becomes Charlie's (Day's character's name as well) love interest.

She became his love interest in real life as well, and the pair married in 2006 and had a son, Russell Wallace, in 2011.

Sure, there are episodes where the entire gang—a.k.a.

Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee and Frank—all work together toward a single goal (and they’re some of the best).

If the promo trailers for season nine are any indication, depravity will rule yet again. Until then, here are our picks for The 25 Best “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Episodes (So Far).

Also worth noting (and setting your DVRs for now) is “Flowers for Charlie,” the ninth episode in the upcoming season, which was penned by creators David Benioff and D.

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The Waitress thought Charlie was gross and creepy (yep), and the more the Waitress rejected Charlie, the grosser and weirder he got.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA -- “Dennis' Double Life” – Season 12, Episode 10 (Airs March 8, pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly, Mary Elizabeth Ellis as The Waitress. However, the entire relationship was just a ruse to get to the Waitress. Due to some weird and unrelated scheming by Frank and Dennis, the Waitress pleads with Charlie to come back into her life and make all the insanity stop. Since the Waitress openly invited Charlie back to meddle in her life again, things have been relatively quiet on the Waitress front. Considering the fact that this woman has crazy low self esteem, the whole endeavor actually makes sense.

In Season 8, Charlie met a lovely rich girl and seemed to be having a great time hanging out with her. When she finally pops back up, looking at crude flow charts in Charlie’s apartment, we’re definitely supposed to think that this is just another failed attempt in a string in Charlie Kelly’s oddball schemes to get the Waitress to be with him. Instead of begging, he tries negging, and it works.

This is your wife, it's a strange situation to say, hay, I really want my -- to act out an idea where my wife is getting it on with a co-star friend of mine.

But what's strange is that you -- this is your idea?

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